Manarin On Money

A Real World Guide to Building & Maintaining Wealth

By Roland R. Manarin

Read this book to change your financial future.

There is finally a solution to understanding and applying the rules of the money game not taught by our educational system, the financial industry, or our families. Manarin On Money, the new book by Roland R. Manarin, illustrates why the conventional wisdom surrounding money that most people follow is fundamentally flawed and how it robs you of personal wealth-building opportunities and financial safety.

In simple language, Manarin On Money explains the financial lessons that Roland, an immigrant from war-torn Europe, learned in building his rags-to-riches life in America. His fascinating narrative is presented with entertaining stories that will show you how to make your money earn more money for you.

Read the book, share it with those you care about, and learn how wealth is built and maintained in the real world.

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